Warner & Wolfgang Weidler

Warner and Wolfgang Weidler in A Tough Winter

Boy Saxophone Players

George, Walt, and Warner Weidler, the Boy Saxophone Players in The Pinch Singer


Warner, Wolfgang (later Walt) and George Weidler are three brothers who live in Greenpoint, possibly somewhere near Farina Hoskins or Wheezer Hutchins. Warner and Wolfgang show up with the gang with Stepin Fetchit to read a poem and get sneaked into a pet show by Farina at the Greenpoint Civic Center. Warner joins his two other brothers Walt and George to form a musical band called "The Boy Saxophone Players" on the radio.

The Weidler Brothers were played by actors Warner, Wolfgang (Walt) and George Weidler. At one point, Maltin and Baltin identify Warner as "Werner", the actor's actual birth name. In real life, The Weidlers were the brothers of actress Virginia Weidler. They would grow up to be succesful musicians.


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