Image As seen in / Year Notes
Waldo 84
The Little Rascals (animated series)
Portrayed by B.J. Ward. Unlike his film series counterpart, Waldo is a snobbish villain, oftentimes competing against the Rascals.
Waldo mus
The Little Rascals (musical)
Portrayed by Devon Michaels.
Waldo 94
The Little Rascals
Portrayed by Blake McIver Ewing. Waldo is the new kid in town, and is even more of a snob than his animated series counterpart. He rivals with Alfalfa for Darla's affections.
Waldo save
The Little Rascals Save The Day
Portrayed by Grant Palmer II. Waldo doesn't wear glasses. He continues in his role as a villain, once again rivaling Alfalfa. He sabotages the Rascals' schemes in order to gain access to their tree house.

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