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Waldemar and Elmer


Waldemar and Elmer are two "fidgets" who are disguised as babies. While at the party held for the poor kids by Mrs. Clark, they deceive the visitors there and steal their jewelry and money. They finally find the safe in her home and try to unlock it, but the gang arrives just in time to settle things. They successfully stop the two miniature thieves, but the Rascals are accused of committing a crime they did not commit. Once Waldemar and Elmer's other partners are caught, Stymie sticks a pin into the rear of one of the "fidgets," causing Waldemar to retaliate and eventually both of them get caught are caught and apprehended by the police.

Elmer and Waldemar are played by Major Mite and Tiny Lawrence; Major Mite plays Elmer and Tiny Lawrence as Waldemar.


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