Vivendi Entertainment is a home video company operating in the United States and Canada. All DVDs have Little Rascals Cabin Fever MGM prints.

DVD Releases

The Little Rascals: Volume 1

Small Talk


Lazy Days

Boxing Gloves

Bouncing Babies

Moan and Groan Inc.

Shivering Shakespeare

The First Seven Years

When The Wind Blows

Bear Shooters

The Little Rascals: Volume 2

A Tough Winter

Pups is Pups

Teacher's Pet

School's Out

Helping Grandma

Love Business

Little Daddy

Bargain Day

Fly My Kite

Big Ears

The Little Rascals: Volume 3

Shiver My Timbers

Dogs is Dogs

Readin and Writin

Free Eats


Choo Choo

The Pooch

Hook and Ladder

Free Wheeling

Birthday Blues

The Little Rascals: Volume 4

A Lad An A Lamp

Fish Hooky

Forgotten Babies

The Kid From Borneo

Mush and Milk

Bedtime Worries

Wild Poses

Hi Neighbor!

For Pete's Sake

The First Round Up

The Little Rascals: Volume 5

Honky Donkey

Mike Fright

Washee Ironee

Mama's Little Pirate

Shrimps For A Day

Anniversary Trouble

Beginner's Luck

Teacher's Beau

Sprucin Up

Little Papa

The Little Rascals: Volume 6

Little Sinner

Our Gang Follies of 1936

The Pinch Singer

Divot Diggers

The Lucky Corner

Second Childhood

Arbor Day

Bored of Education

Two Too Young

Pay As You Exit

Spooky Hooky

Reunion in Rhythm

Glove Taps

The Little Rascals: Volume 7

Hearts Are Thumps

Three Smart Boys

Rushin Ballet

Roamin Holiday

Night N Gales

Fishy Tales

Framing Youth

The Pigskin Palooka

Mail and Female

Our Gang Follies of 1938

Canned Fishing

Bear Facts

Three Men in a Tub

Came the Brawn

Feed Em and Weep

The Awful Tooth

Hide and Shriek

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