Violet in Going To Press


Violet is a neighborhood goat that often makes a nuisance of herself. In Clown Princes she nibbles at the grass skirt of the "Sime and Neez" twins, pulling it off, and then drinks some lemonade the gang is trying to sell, causing them to reduce the price from two cents to one cent per glass. The landlord insists on buying the one cent variety, and then spits it out when Muggsy informs him why the price was discounted. Violet gets in the way of the movie the gang makes in The Big Premiere, and later scares Buckwheat enough for him to break loose from cement his feet got stuck in. Violet also eats the printing type at the end of Going To Press, shutting down the gang's newspaper.

A similar goat named Julip appears in the Our Gang Comics series.


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