Tommie in Three Men In A Tub


Thomas "Tommie" McFarland is another peripheral Rascal that turns up alongside Spanky McFarland at times. He's never mentioned as a brother to Spanky in the shorts, but given his resemblence, they could be cousins (in real-life, they're brothers, but this relationship was never carried into the shorts). He first appears as one of the tykes Spanky has to babysit in Forgotten Babies; he's responsible for flooding the bathtub and collapsing the bed. When he gets older, he attends Adams Street Grammar School and appears at Happy Home Orphanage. He's also a member of the He-Man Woman-Hater's Club and the gang's football team as number forty-three.
Tommie is given the nickname, "Dynamite" behind the scenes of Forgotten Babies, but it doesn't really catch on.

Tommie was played by Thomas McFarland.


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