Crowd anticipates start of boat race at Toluca Lake in Three Men In A Tub


Toluca Lake is a lake close to Greenpoint, the hometown of the Little Rascals. It's a picturesque, shady and serene location where parents might take their kids out for a picnic and a place where Spanky and Alfalfa might try to race Waldo in their boats for the heart of Darla. It's possibly the same lake where Spanky tries to try to get some fishing done on a Sunday so Greenpoint Baptist Church might be located somewhere in the area. It's possibly the same body of water where Mickey Gubitosi, Buckwheat Thomas and Froggy Laughlin go fishing.

Behind the scenes, the locations for Three Men In A Tub were filmed at Malibu Lake; Little Sinner was filmed at Lancaster Lake.


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