Tisket and Tasket, in some order, in Kiddie Kure


Tisket and Tasket are the baby brothers of Alfalfa Switzer. (Their real names are unknown, but they could be Joseph Roland Switzer and Thomas Robert Switzer, but only if the tradition of characters and actors sharing the same names holds true.) In Roamin' Holiday, Alfalfa can't believe that he could be related to them considering his own good looks, and when he gets saddled with babysitting them one too many times, he takes off for Jenksville with Spanky McFarland and Buckwheat and Porky following them. Later on, Tisket and Tasket get lost in William Morton's home in Kiddie Kure. They are absent for most of Alfalfa's adventures.

According to Maltin and Bann, Tisket and Tasket were played by Joe and Tom White in Roamin' Holiday and by Rollie and Bobby Jones in Kiddie Kure.


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