The Thompson family is a lower-income family resident in Greenpoint. They are best known for Johnny "Tuffy" Thompson who terrozes the neighbor by beating up the local kids, extorting money from them and forcing Bonedust amd Scooter Lowry to stand on their heads. In Telling Whoppers, Joe Cobb and Farina Hoskins cause a panic by claiming they beat Tuffy up and tossed his body in Coogan Lake. When Tuffy turns up missing later, his mother goes into hysterics after finding his berry-stained shirt and thinking it's blood. When he turns up later, she takes her turn after the gang to punish her son.
Tuffy's father is not much better than his son. When Tuffy starts losing a fight with Mickey Daniels in Ask Grandma, he comes to not stop the fight but to help his son get his licks in, only to get pummeled himself by Mickey's grandma!


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