Spanky's Confederates is an otherwise unnamed team of kids who fought on the side of the Confederate States of America. It's not known when they would have existed, but historically, it was possibly in July 1863 as General Ulysses S. Grant led Union forces against Lt. General J. C. Pemberton of the Confederate Army at Vicksburg. The maneuver cut off supplies to most of the Confederate Army, but a youth calling himself General Spanky rallied the local kids with makeshift implements to fortify a hill and confine the Union Army to defend Valient Mansion. It's not known what became of these kids as adults, but they possibly became ancestors of their 1930s counterparts.

Roll Call: Civil War Alfalfa, Civil War Buckwheat, Civil War Dickie, Civil War Harold, Civil War Jerry, Civil War Rex,Civil War Spanky,Civil War Uh-Huh, Flaette,


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