The Smith family is a lower middle class family known in Edison, Marconi & Co. as a family of inventors. The boys in the family, Wheezer and Jay R. Smith are known for a few Rube Goldberg-like contraptions such as a kiddie-powered automobile large enough for all their friends to ride. Their dad is revealed in Spook Spoofing to also work as the local undertaker, a predicament which Jay uses to tease Farina Hoskins who is especially superstitious. Like most of the gang, Jay is not a willing participant in babysitting, and when his siblings chalk up the walls of the house in Rainy Days, the gang joins forces to wallpaper the room.
Behind the scenes, it is possible but not confirmed that the father of Wheezer Hutchins is related to the Smith family since he's also an inventor in The Spanking Age.


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