Harold "Slim" Switzer is Alfalfa's singing partner. They first appear billed as "Tom and Jerry, the Arizona Nightingales" in Beginner's Luck where they sing "She'll Be Coming "Round The Mountain," but these could be two completely separate sets of young men. He also goes by the name "Deadpan" at times, but whether he's meant to be Alfalfa's older brother (as the actor playing him) or a cousin is unresolved. Mostly, he's a peripheral character at Adams Street Grammar School or on the football team as number forty-four.

Slim plays the accordion. He's also a member of The Eagles Club, the He-Man Woman-Hater's Club, the All-4-One Club and possibly ballet school, as Butch knocks him how and replaces him in order to beat up Alfalfa. In Hearts Are Thumps, he's sort of sweet on Patty Brown.

Slim was played by Harold Switzer.


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