Spanky tries out Mech-Man.

Production Notes

Length: Eleven Minutes
Producer: Oscar Dufau, William Hanna, and Joseph Barbera
Director: Unrevealed
Writer: Tedd Anasti
Released: December 11, 1982
Studio: Hanna-Barbera Productions and King World Productions

Main Cast

Supporting Cast

  • Frank Welker as Mech-Man

The Short

Plot: Buckwheat is working on a project for the science fair. After asking the other Rascals to leave him to his work, they take an oath to not bother Buckwheat's invention. But the kids break the oath and sneak into the garage while Buckwheat is asleep. They quickly discover his invention: a robot named "Mech-Man" who can do just about anything upon request. However, the robot is destroyed when Porky makes a request that it is unable to compute. Wanting Buckwheat to win the science fair, Spanky and Alfalfa pose as Mech-Man.


  • "Roses are red, violets are blue. You're not made of junk, but I still love you." - Mech-Man's love poem to Darla
  • "I'll bet he can't sing as good as me!" - Alfalfa
  • "Camptown races sing this song, do-dah, do-dah..." - Mech-Man
  • "You're right, Alfalfa. He sings better than you!" - Spanky
  • "We've got ants in my pants!" - Alfalfa


  • Originally aired with Tiny Terror and Sea Song.
  • At one point, Buckwheat references Thomas Edison.  He also references and dresses as George Washington Carver in Fright Night.  Both those historical figures were inventors..
  • In true Hanna-Barbera fashion, Pete's laugh in this episode is reminiscent of Wacky Races' Muttley.
  • The school that the science fair takes place at is simply called "School".


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