Production Notes

Length: Eleven Minutes
Producer: Oscar Dufau, William Hanna, and Joseph Barbera
Director: Unrevealed
Writer: Unrevealed
Released: September 17, 1983
Studio: Hanna-Barbera Productions and King World Productions

Main Cast

The Short

Plot: A used car dealer and his pampered son want to destroy the Rascals' tree house to make way for a new car lot.  The Rascals band together and protest against the used car dealer's actions, holding signs like a union on strike.


  • None.


  • Later syndicated with Wash And Werewolf
  • In one scene, a remote controlled washer (supposedly one of Buckwheat's inventions) grabs all fo the Rascals and dunk them in water briefly, fully clothed.  Alfalfa would also end up in water briefly and fully-clothed in Cap'n Spanky's Showboat.


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