Buckwheat ross bagely

Ross Bagley in The Little Rascals.


Character: Buckwheat Thomas
Birthday: December 5, 1988
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California
Date of Death:
Place of Death:
First Short: The Little Rascals (feature film)
Last Short: The Little Rascals (feature film)
Number of Shorts: 1
History: Ross Bagley started acting professionally when he got the role of Nicholas Banks on the NBC TV-Series The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air alingside Will Smith. He later moved on to the big budget The Little Rascals movie in 1994 and was afterward reunited with Will Smith in the movie "Independence Day." He attended college at Cal State Northridge.

List of Shorts

Other Projects

  • The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air - TV Series (1994)
  • Babe (1995)
  • Independence Day (1996)
  • Profiler - TV Series (1996)
  • Providence - TV Series (1999)
  • Judging Amy - TV Series (2004)

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