Character: Richard Billings, Muggsy (The Big Show)
Birthday: September 18, 1908
Place of Birth: somewhere in Colorado
Date of Death: August 17, 1965
Place of Death: somewhere in California
First Short: Fire Fighters
Last Short: Lodge Night
Number of Shorts: 4
History: Richard E. "Dick" Billings was the brother of Elmo Billings. He was born in 1908 in Colorado (although some sources claim he was born in Missouri in 1910) to Benjamin and Margaret Hennessey Ludwick, also known as Ted and Margaret Billings. According to a 1930 census, he and Elmo were the Billings' stepsons. Richard worked as a film editor in the late 1930's. He later married Mary Ann Conk. Conk lived with the Billings family for awhile, and was listed in a 1930 census as a stepdaughter. He died on August 17, 1965.

List of Shorts

Other Projects

  • Gentle Julia (1923)


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