"Dad" Anderson in his blacksmith's shop in July Days


Mr. Anderson owns and runs the local blacksmith shop in Greenpoint, although a second blacksmith can be seen in Readin' And Writin'. He's very fond of the neighborhood boys. They call him "Dad," possibly because they see him as a substitute to their missing or absent fathers. He designs and builds sail-propelled scooters for them, a novelty which he sells to a toy manufacturer for a good amount of money. He also seems to pop up again around Christmas to give the kids good cheer.

"Dad" was played by Richard Daniels Sr., the real-life father of Mickey Daniels.


  • "Sure, I'll make y' a humdinger." - Mr. Anderson in July Days
  • "An' we'll all be rich, an' I c'n smoke real five cent cigars." - Mr. Anderson in July Days


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