Name: Johnny Downs
Nickname: Johnny
Played By: Johnny Downs
Born: 1913
Relatives: Father (name unrevealed), Mother (name unrevealed), Mary (sister)
Clubs: Junior Police Squad, Junior Fire Squad 2
First Short: Circus Fever
Last Short: Chicken Feed


Bio: Johnny Downs is the son of wealthy parents. It's revealed in One Wild Ride that his father owns the horse that the gang uses to pull their car around and the yacht in Buried Treasure they use to pretend to be pirates. He plays ball with them in Shivering Spooks and pretends to be a fireman in The Fourth Alarm. As "Professor Presto Mysterio," Johnny performs magic and uses a "magical powder" to turn Joe Cobb's sister, Jean, into a rabbit in Chicken Feed. Despite his money and parents, Johnny turns up as a resident at Happyland Home Orphanage, suggesting he once lived there, but this is likely just a Johnny-lookalike, in addition to Tuffy, a local bully.


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