Bill and Mary

Bill and Mary in Dad For A Day


The Gubitosi family is a lower middle class family residing at 310 Elm Street as revealed in Baby Blues. Since the death of her husband, Mrs. Gubitosi supports her children by owning and running her own coffee shop next door to Superior Service, run by Bill Henry. Bill is more than willing to act as a dad for her son, Mickey Gubitosi, in Dad For A Day, but he makes it official by marrying Mickey's mother. Although he loves her coffee, he's not crazy about her hash in All About Hash and the two almost break up over the tension. By Baby Blues, they are expecting and Mickey, already stressed by two sisters, ends up with two more. Mickey also has an Uncle George in Farm Hands.
Although introduced as Bill Henry in Dad For A Day, Mickey's father is named "Bob" in All About Hash, "John" in Unexpected Riches and Benjamin Franklin, Jr. and "Mr. Gubitosi" in Baby Blues. His mother is named "Mary Baker" in Dad For A Day, "Edith" in All About Hash and "Martha" in Unexpected Riches and Benjamin Franklin, Jr..


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