The Goat Alley Fire Department


The Goat Alley Fire Department is the first junior fire squad organized by the Rascals in order to assist the Greenpoint Fire Department. The group was founded on the discovery of a giant boiler tank lost by a bootlegger; the tank used to create a steam-engine truck pulled by a mule named Lily. The gang also had their own hook-and-ladder truck and a dog-powered vehicle for the fire chief, Roosie, who had his own hat. Mabel gets to be look-out as Peggy mans the wireless system. A test run for this fine fleet works pretty well, except for Roosie getting dumped in a puddle. When Mabel, called "Mike" to make her sound tougher, spots smoke, the fire squad jumps into action. Unfortunately, the moonshine used to put out their fire (actually just steam emanating from a tea kettle) also makes their animals inebriated and the squad soon breaks up, eventually to be recreated in The Fourth Alarm.

Roll Call: Booker T. Bacon, Elmo Billings, Freckles Warde, Mabel Hisle, Peggy Cartwright, Richard Billings, Roosie.


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