Dr. Schwartz

Dr. Schwartz


Dr. Schwartz is a local dentist in Greenpoint along with Dr. Hood and Dr. Kilroy. Alfalfa Switzer and the gang come to him to have all their teeth pulled for the money from the tooth fairy to buy a catcher's mitt, but Schwartz and his nurse, Miss Rogers, instead decide to dissuade them by scaring the heebee-jeebees out of them. Alfalfa is selected to go first, and Schwartz is very successful in terrifying him with many large and sharp tools. He gets them to agree to wait for their teeth to fall ou naturally, and ends up buying the mitt and extra baseball gear for Alfalfa and the boys from his own pocket, later attributing it to the tooth fairy.
Dr. Schwartz was played by actor Jack Norton; Miss Rogers was played by Marjorie Townsend.


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