Dickie Jones

Dickie "Spike" Jones in The Pigskin Palooka


Name: Richard "Dickie" Jones
Nickname: Spike
Played By: Richard Jones
Born: Relatives: None known
Clubs: Spike's Tigers
First Short: Washee Ironee
Last Short: Our Gang Follies Of 1938


Bio: Dickie Jones is one of Spanky McFarland's friends from the neighborhood, and possibly attends Greenpoint Grammar School with him. He helps Spanky in his cellar stage productions and plays football with him in Our Gang Follies Of 1936 and Washee Ironee, but he also has to wear a dress to replace the Floradora Dancers when they run late for their show in Our Gang Follies Of 1936. By The Pigskin Palooka, he's calling himself "Spike" and he's the captain of Spike's Tigers against Spanky's All Stars, but this could be an entirely different character.
Quotes: None


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