Dat in "Who Killed Doc Robbin"


Nickname: Dat
Played By: Donald King
Relatives: Dis (brother)
First Short: Curley
Last Short: Who Killed Doc Robbin


Bio: Dat is a little boy that lives in Greenpoint with his brother Dis. He and his brother do not attend Lakeview School with Curley and his gang. In Curley, they take a particular interest in Curley's 'rocket ship' car. When nobody is around, they finally find a chance to take a ride in the car, not realizing that Curley loaded it with extra 'rockets'. A speedy, dangerous ride through the countryside results. Later, the two follow Curley and the gang as they try to figure out Doctor Robbin's alleged murder in Who Killed Doc Robbin. While exploring Doctor Robbin's house, Dat's clothes get stolen by a chimpanzee, causing the other members of the gang to think that the chimpanzee is Dat.


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