Skooter and Farina taking refuge in Capt'n Kid's Seecret Cave


Capt'n Kid's Seecret Cave (Rascal spelling) is a local Rascal clubhouse created out of a cave near Professor Fleece's house. The entrance is hidden behind two bushes which the gang can pull closed to hide the opening. The interior has furniture and is identified as "Capt. Kids Tresure Cave" attributing the gang's fondness for pirates in The Buccaneers. The location runs deep under the professor's house where Farina leads the gang out of a secret panel and into the con-artist's fake haunted house.

Roll Call: Farina Hoskins, Skooter Lowry, Jackie Condon, Jay R. Smith, Johnny Downs, Joe Cobb, Mary Kornman, Bonedust


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