Bully in Baby Blues


Freddie "Bully" Chapman is a local neighborhood tough who often teams up with Boxcar Smith and Jimmy Gubitosi to terrorize and harass the other neighborhood kids after Tommy "Butch" Bond. One of the kids he pushes around is Lee Wong, and Bully also joins the Gas House Gang and grabs Big Shot Thomas to intimidate him. When Spanky McFarland busts their gang, Bully and the other Gas Housers turn to playing baseball as a team; Bully is called Tony during the game. During the All-4-One Club election, he tries to get Boxcar to vote for Mickey Gubitosi. On the other hand, Bully is also seen in Spanky's Kiddie Army in Helping Hands. He is also seen as a messenger during Janet Burston's USO show and represents the Union of South Africa in the same show. It's unknown if these two versions of the character are two characters known as Bully and Tony or if they are the same character.

Bully Chapman was played by Freddie Chapman.


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