Bleak Hill Boarding School


The Bleak Hill Boarding School is a residence for learning for kids between the ages of five to eight (as far as one can tell). It is run by Old Cap and his wife. Old Cap loves the kids and covers the schooling, but his teaching style may be a bit too lenient. If the student gets a grasp of a word, he tends to accept their answer. For example:

Old Cap: "Use isthmus in a sentence."
Uh-Huh: "Isthmus be my lucky day!"

Old Cap's wife covers the cooking and the housekeeping and possibly the household finances. All the kids get to eat is mush and she runs the place like a prison, but Old Cap promises to take care of the kids when his pension comes through from the bank. The majority of the kids are sent to live at the school by their parents, but many of them later attend Adams Street Grammar School.



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