Bicarbonated Billy

"Bicarbonated" Billy


"Bicarbonated" Billy is an outlaw, described as "The Killer," whose hideout is the Whistling Clam Rancho near Red Dog. He gets arrested and thrown in the Red Dog jail, but two seconds later is handed a file and gun by his two pals with whom he shares the ranch. He breaks out and escapes, his friends having left his horse by a goofus tree. While he rides to the ranch, his buddies drive a covered wagon in which the gang has hidden to escape the gunfire. After they bad guys let the gang play around the ranch a little, they get knocked into a well where they have to stay until the sheriff catches them again.

The actor who played "Bicarbonated" Billy is unknown. His confederates were played by Chet Brandenberg and George B. French.


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