Character: Andy Shuford
Birthday: December 16, 1917
Place of Birth: Helena, Arkansas
Date of Death: May 19, 1995
Place of Death: Monteagle, Tennessee
First Short: Ten Years Old
Last Short: Boxing Gloves
Number of Shorts: 7
History: Not much is known about Andrew Shuford. He was a busy child actor through the Thirties, leaving Hollywood around the age of fifteen. He passed away on Monteagle, Tennessee near Chattanooga in 1995.

List of Shorts

Other Projects

  • The Big Trail (uncredited) (1930)
  • The Great Meadow (uncredited) (1931)
  • The Easiest Way (uncredited) (1931)
  • Rider of the Plains (1931)
  • Dugan of the Badlands (1931)
  • The Montana Kid (1931)
  • Headin' for Trouble (1931)
  • Oklahoma Jim (1941)
  • Land of Wanted Men (1931)
  • The Champ (1931) (uncredited) - with Jackie Cooper
  • Ghost City (1932)
  • Texas Pioneers (1932)
  • When a Fellow Needs a Friend (1932) - with Jackie Cooper and Donald Haines
  • Mason of the Mounted (1932)
  • Law of the North (1932)
  • The Mayor of Hell (1933) (uncredited) - with Allen Hoskins

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